As Omaha’s number one auto parts recycler, United Auto Recyclers has been providing Nebraska with friendly, local-grown customer service and affordable vehicle repair options since 1977. Our expansive facility is currently located on 35 acres and stocks over 1 million parts, but our owner Dave Hansen and general manager Mick Schoening could tell you about the early days of the company, growing from a small locally owned salvage facility to the current second-generation recycler.

When the time came to grow the facility, it was decided that merging the best practices of it’s component companies, Hansen Truck Salvage and All Foreign Auto & Truck Parts, would provide a leader in salvage and part supplies. And while the days of crowding around the neighbor’s awesome 1985 Chevy Corvette may be long past, United Auto Recyclers can still find the parts needed to keep your vehicle running smoothly, regardless of whether it’s a muscle car or minivan.

We have earned the URG 8000 Standard of Excellence, as well as a strong reputation for long-term client relationships and reliable location of even difficult-to-find parts and components. We offer a searchable, computerized inventory for ease of use and provide free local delivery to shops. United Auto Recycler’s recently began handling foreign vehicles and trucks, providing residents of Omaha with a better option for repairing import vehicles. We can ship parts across the nation, connecting car owners from coast to coast with hard to find items. Choose the business customers of Omaha have relied on for years, United Auto Recyclers.

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